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Salon Lofts

A collection of independent fashion originals, Salon Lofts offers unprecedented freedom in selecting your style. Learn about our philosophy and see how we're reinventing the beauty industry.



At the heart of any beauty experience is the relationship between you and your beauty specialist. We look for the right types of beauty experts and give them a place to fulfill their potential. And then, we look for the right types of clientele, who are yearning for a more personal beauty experience. Once this connection is made, we remove ourselves from this process so the relationship can flourish.

We stay true to our vision by sticking to our core values:

LOYALTY. We believe loyalty resides with individuals and not institutions. We will never forget that clients return to the beauty specialist, not the salon.

ECLECTIC. Beauty has many manifestations. We celebrate and revel in the characters and creativity that interact here every day.

ARTISTIC. Being trusted to make someone look and feel beautiful is an honor and a great gift. We respect the artistry that resides in each of our beauty specialists and proud to give their clients a nurturing place to share.

UNPRETENTIOUS. We believe in beauty without attitude. We let his or her talent speak for itself.

EMPOWERING. We aren't about Salon Lofts; it's about the individual beauty specialist and the relationships they have with their clients. At Salon Lofts, each beauty specialist is their own boss.

ENTERPRISING. We're reinventing the beauty industry for everyone involved.

UNIQUE. We relish in being different. We will gladly zig when others zag.

ENABLING. We stand for possibilities, for dreams and for giving beauty entrepreneurs a shot at fulfilling them.

Main Phone


Mailing Address

3385 Princeton Road, Suite 115
Fairfield Township, OH  45011

General Manager

Les McCoy



Mon-Sun: 8:00 a.m. - 10:00 p.m.

*Hours vary by loft owner. Please visit to book an appointment with a loft owner.

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